Singing thank you, for a real good time!! Grateful Together is now CLOSED

The future's here, we are it, we are on our own....

It's 2018, and unfortunately, fashion and apparel is still the second most polluting industry on Earth only behind the war-hungry Oil Industry. This fact is embarrassing, unacceptable and must change.

In 2014, Billy and Aimee Kreutzmann showed up at our front door so we invited them in and proceeded to mind meld on how to rethink Grateful Dead gear so it reflected the cosmic and sonic bliss the music emits.  It breaks all of our hearts to see a youngster moved so brightly by this music that they want to wear it on their sleeves without even knowing their new Grateful Dead purchase is often supporting gross pollution, pesticides, land poisoning and sadly slave and child labor somewhere far away and out of sight.  Really not groovy!

Ever since we have been trying to give Deadhead's new and old just a little sweetness, just a little light. We are committed to walking this walk for the long haul, so all the honey's to come can have a healthy morning dew to walk into.  

Together makes all of our garments with sustainable and integral practices, using only smart and eco-friendly textiles.  We cut, sew, print and warehouse all of our products in Los Angeles or San Francisco, California.  Our contractors are paid ethical wages not simply minimum wage so they too can afford a healthy and happy life. 

While sustainability has finally become a cool buzzword in fashion, perfect for sleek, big-budget marketing campaigns, Together isn't merely lip syncing.  In fact Together is a Benefit Corporation,  meaning we actively audit our carbon footprint, impact on the environment, equality in our corporate structure and forego simple quarterly profits to seek greater value in making garments that may reverse global warming or at least significantly minimize their impact. 

Global warming is accelerating but with your support and purchase of a Grateful Dead garment you are deliberately deciding with Together to support your own great taste, but also to turn on your lovelight for the world.

As Wavy Gravy says to be "nostalgic for the future" because good planets are very hard to find.

Shall we go, you and I, while we can? Please join us in creating a cleaner fashion industry.  We can do more Together.  

In Love,