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Meet the Makers

Star-crossed lovers Lily Chehrazi and Benedict Barrett met one summer night at a party next to the panhandle of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.  The next day their love affair took shape when they discovered their creative synergies would create magic. 

Lily was coming from a formally trained NYC fashion background and seeking to strike out on her own and not merely design for institutional fashion houses anymore.  At the same time, Benedict was using his alternative process photography to create wallpapers, furniture and other 3D photographic pursuits.  She immediately told him that she would much rather wear his photography then sit on it and the concept for Together California was born.  Lily moved across the country within a month and the two decided the only reason to actually create more clothing in the world would be if it promoted sustainable principles and helped take action for the environment. 

   Love Farms, Healdsburg, California

 Love Farms, Healdsburg, CA 

Lily and Benedict's deep affinity and connection with the Grateful Dead music and culture dates back to their 1980's childhoods.  Some of their earliest memories are of recording the Touch of Grey music video off of MTV and watching it for hours on end, cherishing their cool Uncle's ticket stubs and family outings to see the Grateful Dead or JGB, even on school nights.

Fast forward to 2014 and Together California was established as the first ground up, sustainable fashion house showing internationally at fashion weeks. So it was seemingly auspicious destiny that they were approached to start creating sustainable clothing for Bill Kreutzmann and subsequently the Grateful Dead.

Together has helped spark a rejuvenation of the fashion and culture surrounding the revolutionary music of the Grateful Dead.  Premiering with instant sell-out releases of their collection at world-famous boutiques like Colette and Fred Segal and multi-dimensional pop-up experiences at the Fare Thee Well concerts and the Dennis Hopper Compound designed by Frank Gehry. The Grateful Dead x Together collaboration has also sparked a movement towards love, light and sustainability in clothing from high-fashion runways to the lot.

We are blessed to have been shown the light and try our best to reflect it out into the world.


Fare Thee Well, Chicago, 2015